We’re Award Winners!.

We’re award winners!

On the 8th of September, we attended the annual Accounting Excellence Awards held in the Tobacco Dock in London. In an evening of celebration, excitement and lots of drinks, we waited with anticipation to find out if we’d won an award.


“And the winner is…”


We were beyond thrilled to win the Client Transformation Award for our work with a London-based branding agency.


It’s not often in the accounting world that your peers recognise your work, so to see our name and award winner next to it really meant the world.


After an enjoyable evening of talking and partying with our accounting friends from across the UK, we now had time to reflect on what we’d achieved.


Focus on transformation

One of our core values is empathy – care about what you do & who you do it for. Working to resolve our client’s problems requires us to get under their skin a bit and find out what makes them tick.


For us, it’s about finding the passions of our clients, understanding their struggles and thinking about what we can do to help them.


In this case, the business wasn’t doing as well as it should have been. They were running month to month through cashflow and didn’t have an understanding of what a profitable assignment looked like.


Through careful discussions, monthly forecasting, and lots of time and effort, we got the business to a healthy position, that two years prior had seemed like a pipe dream.


Courage & curiosity

Here’s what the client had to say about working with us:


“We wouldn’t be in the strong position we find ourselves in today if we didn’t have Spark. Spark gave us the clarity and confidence we needed to grow our business. We don’t make a single significant decision without them. Spark has helped us to focus on profitability.


“We understand more clearly that taking on the right work at the right rates is the most important decision when impacting the business’s success. This has resulted in our gross profit increasing by 25% over the past two years. This is down to getting to grips with what the figures presented mean and then understanding what to do to improve our performance at the operational level.


“We are now firmly committed to setting targets for our business and then updating these targets as we progress through the year. This is part of the Spark service and is invaluable to us in understanding both where we are now and how the decisions we make today impact the business in 6 and 12 months’ time.


“Spark are great communicators, nice people to deal with, patient with us, no bullshit, know their stuff, get things done, and make the complex seem simple.”


Hard work pays off

Reading that back always puts a smile on our faces, especially now we’ve won an award. Accounting can get a bad rep, but it isn’t just about money.


It’s about people, helping them realise their dreams, and understanding where we fit into it all.


Are you in need of advice to change your business? Struggling with the financial side of things? Get in touch today, and who knows, maybe you’ll be our next success story.


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