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Working in PR is stressful enough without having to worry about staying on top of your finances. You want to protect your brand, be brave, and take risks in the world of public relations. But it’s a constant uphill battle if you’re standing on uneven ground when it comes to your finances.

We’ll look at your business and assess where you could be doing things better. When reputations are at stake, it’s not worth the ‘bad PR’. We understand the pitfalls and challenges that you face on a daily basis and can offer our significant expertise and insight, wherever it may be needed.

It’s not just about getting your tax done, or giving you the best advice – it’s about working with you to make you feel empowered and understood. We’ll spend time talking with you about everything you need to do to be a better firm, and look for advantages that you can really exploit to further your development. If HMRC comes calling for any reason – be it a common inquiry or something more pressing, you can feel secure that we’ll be on hand to act on your behalf.

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