VAT returns.

VAT returns

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VAT is complicated at the best of times. The regular returns are a chore, but HMRC demands it.

If you do it wrong, then penalties and investigations could be headed your way. If you do it right, then you can reap the benefits of a lower VAT bill.

Our team doesn’t want you to suffer the wrath of HMRC, so we will take your VAT processes and streamline them. We’ll get you registered and file all the returns on your behalf. If the time comes when you may need to deregister from VAT, we can do that too.

We help a wide range of different businesses – we know the intricacies of VAT and the different rates involved. Retail alone has several different VAT schemes depending on the goods you sell.

VAT is part of Making Tax Digital (MTD), so we can make sure your returns are filed with MTD-compatible software. We’re a smart bunch, and we keep on top of all the new rules and regulations HMRC pumps out.

At Spark, we’re about people. So if you need help with your VAT returns, you can rest assured knowing we will help you.


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