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Accountants: stuffy, boring… 

Not the team of Spark Accounting.

For years, we’ve been shaking up the accountancy marketplace by providing vibrant accounting and advisory services to the most ambitious agencies. We possess the expertise you need, the dedication you deserve and the creativity to make you pop, without the bull.

Whatever you have for us, our team has the passion and know-how to empower your business, and is eager to meet you and make your vision a reality.

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Our process

We approach all that we do with two key principles.

First, we strive to make the complex simple so you can truly understand the foundations of your business – in our experience, it makes people incredibly passionate about the future. 

Second, we tailor all our suggestions and advice to you. After all, in the agency world, one size does not fit all. And although you might not have thought it, there’s room for some creativity in agency accounting.


Before we dive into your accounts, we want to understand you and your business. We’ll discuss your journey up to now, your goals, and how to reach them. 

While there’s no commitment on your end, sometimes a simple chat is all that’s needed to illuminate the range of opportunities open to you.

Scope and planning

It’s important to choose the right sized net that we’re going to be using to address your business goals and finances. Too small, you miss out; too large and you might feel you’re no longer in the driver’s seat. That’s not what we want. 

 We plan the actions we’re going to take together. Any agency owner is going to understand how vital a detailed plan is, so hopefully we’re already on the same page!


This is when we really come into our own. We’ll independently enact your plan, only disturbing you with the most urgent updates, so you can get back to business with some peace of mind.

That said, don’t hesitate to contact us with a query during the process. No matter how small the question might seem, the last thing we want is you to feel you’ve been left in the dark.


We’ll have determined how we’ll measure success back in the planning phase, and now it’s time to crunch the numbers and measure how the business is performing against the targets that have been set.

In our experience what gets measured gets done.

We’re yet to let down a client, but this phase is a great way to review our work together to see if we need to update the plan in some way. If not, our plan probably worked wonders, so it’s another job well done.

Case studies

Examples of our work with clients.

There’s something similar between creative agencies and accounting firms –it’s the ability to see the difference we’ve made to our clients. Like you, the effect we’ve had makes us proud and excited for the next project.

Here are some of the success stories we’re most proud, which are testament to our dedication and positive impact. Take a look at our case studies to confirm we’re as good with finances as in practice as we are in theory. 


Matt Bowell | Digital Agency

Brew were looking for help with gaining a better understanding of the performance of their business for decision making on a regular basis.

Read more

Sure Creative

Tim Holmes | Marketing Agency

Sure Creative were an expanding business struggling to understand where the profits or cash were within the agency. The directors needed to gain control over this and to develop a system for reporting on this quickly and accruately each month.

Read more

Who we work with

Top-tier professionals who just get business like we do.

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Otherwise, just as we’re always on the lookout for ambitious clients, we’re always on the hunt for driven and talented individuals to join the team. We are a growing firm and always on the look out for new talented individuals to join us.

So, whether you’re a VAT specialist looking for a change of scenery or a graduate looking to kickstart your career, our modern and vibrant workplace could be the one for you.

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