Meet the team – Matt Smith.

Meet cake fan and all round good guy Matt Smith, a Director at Spark Accountants who is the fourth team member subject for Sparks ‘Meet the team’ series of stories.


Matt joined Phil 7 years ago and has been key to the the firms growth over that time. Bringing with him over 20 years experience (over 10 in a top 5 accounting firm) and developing great client relationships along the way, Matt keeps Spark moving.


Matt who loves films and has been a keen diver in his time enjoys working closely with clients helping them grow and working with the wider team at Spark as the go to man in the office!


“Every day is different, it could be presenting to client or working with the team ensuring VAT returns are reviewed and sent out in good time. The variety and interaction with clients and colleagues is what I enjoy most”


Matt who works alongside his wife, Emily (how does Emily cope!) has two young children who take most of his spare time 😊. However he does enjoy attending live events and will sneak to the pub when he gets the chance.

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