Meet the team.

Meet the team – Josh Dovey

Meet keen football fan Josh Dovey, a trainee account controller at Spark Accountants who is the second team member subject for Sparks ‘Meet the team’ series of stories.

Josh joined Spark in July last year after graduating from Aberystwyth University, where he emerged with an impressive degree in Accounting and Finance.

Alongside his role at Spark, Josh has commenced studying towards becoming a chartered accountant with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), which he hopes to complete in the next eighteen months.

Josh, a keen Aston Villa season ticket holder, said: “I most enjoy communicating with clients and learning more about their business as well as them as people – what they got up to over the weekend, what hobbies/interests they have”.

“This allows clients to focus on their own work rather than spend their time stressing on an issue I can help them with.”

Josh, from Walsall, who’s also an avid fan of the gym, added: “The most challenging part of my role would be ensuring I get all the information off clients in time to produce reports required before a deadline. If I don’t get the information on time this holds up the team with the work they are trying to do!”

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